Wheelchair lift/loader for vehicles (MPV, Van & Bus)

To transport wheelchair with occupant inside vehicle (wheelchair loader) such as MPV, Van & Bus.

The range of internal lifts is the quickest and easiest solution of installation on most type of vehicles. The technical requirements of the product makes it suitable for frequent uses. These lifts are different depending on the type of vehicle and user needs.

EPH 250 model, with load capacity of 250 kg, is the best solution for private users. Lightweight, sized for compact spaces of small vehicles, it allows the installation using the vehicle without changing the original seats position. Mono column lift with folding manual platform, it can be rear and side door installed.

2BB 360 model, with load capacity of 360 kg, is the most complete lifts of its category. The strength, speedy and versatility of installation make this application suitable for intensive use with heavy loads. Double column lift, with fully automatic folded platform, it allows the driver direct vision to the rear of the vehicle.

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