Hebron Meditech is one of the renowned home lift supplier in Malaysia. A vertical platform lift (VPL) can benefit people with physical disabilities and the elderly, who frequently spend a majority of their time in wheelchairs and have restricted mobility. In addition, a VPL allows people who use wheelchairs to enter and exit their houses more effortlessly since they may be raised from the ground to elevated (or with steps) front porches. The key factors to mention to your home elevator suppliers when purchasing an in-home lift are the size and weight of the individual who will use it. You need a lift that can support their weight as well as the weight of their wheelchair. As one of the renowned home elevator suppliers in Malaysia, we take it upon ourselves to explain which VPL  will suit your home and needs. Are you looking for a home lift supplier Malaysia? Scroll down for more information on the types of VPL we carry.

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