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It is not a luxury option but rather a smart choice!

Home lifts are becoming so popular. Many architects are now drawing them into their projects for all multiple-storey houses. Life is changing, and our lifestyle is evolving every day. The population is growing recently, people have to build up because they can’t afford the land to build out. Still, many people think that having a home lift is a luxury option. We hear this cliché: this is only for ‘rich people’.

Well, as we believe that the concept of home-lift must be affordable for every-body Aresforti Elevator , all kinds of properties, any time and everywhere on this planet simply because that is possible!

Our home-lift design will allow you for example to create a new access from your garages to the upstairs, to lift your furniture or heavy objects smoothly between floors, to move safely with your little newborn child in your house, to make the life of our disabled family members easier and happier, to make your clients have a new and unique liftexperience while shopping in your store of staying at your hotel, and so on.

Think about it, a home lift does not differ from any other heavy equipment in your house such as air-conditioning or even the washing machine. It is there to make our life smarter and more comfortable. Also keep in mind that home-elevators can add a new value to your property and increase its position in the market.

So keep in mind, It is not a luxury option but rather a smart choice and a long-term thought!

8 reasons why you should fully trust Aresforti's technology?

1. Photosell Sensors

This height quality ligtht sensor will force the lift to stop immediately when passaher or objects approach the exit lift while in use

2. Mechanical Guide Rails Brakes

Even if all the cables snapped, the evevator still would not fall to the bottom floor. Thanks to the passive, automatic, built-in braking system. These brakes will lock in place whenever the elevator starts to fail faster than an allowed amount

3. Overload Sensor

When the car is overloaded, the elevator won’t move and will give a sign on the COP.

4. Limit & Emergency Stop Switches

These switches will ensure stopping the car when the lift reaches or passes its final destination or in case of emergency

5. Machine Brake Hand

In case of emergency this system allows the technician to free the car and make it descent to the closest down floor.

6. Magnetic Lock Switch

To ensure that landing door of the elevator could be opened only when the car is available and while the elevator is not being used.

7. Overspeed Governor

This device is specifically designed to stop the lift if it runs beyond the prescribed speed.

8. Rescuing System UPS with Support

This is a battery backup system that provides backup power when the regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. In that case, the battery mode is automatically turned on.

What Makes us Unique?

Smart Civil Work

This lift is an ideal solution to be installed on the exterior face of the building, in the lobby, or at a place where it can enhance the elevation and the ‘look&feel’ of the building. We introduce you to an electrical home elevator that requires no supporting wall, pit, or hydraulics vacuum systems. Just plug it into your domestic electrical socket and start moving up & down!

Minimal Maintenance

This is an electrical self-supporting elevator. No use of oil, vacuum systems, or counterweights. This means less maintenance and saves a lot of additional costs and time during the installation-process.

Plug & Play

These Elevators come as a semi-assembled unit.just install,plug and play.No suprises!

Self Supported Structure

Aresforti SQUARE VILLALIFT is a stand-alone elevators that does not require any supporting beam, column or walls. All you need is the space!

Panoramic View

The unique glassy sightseeing capsule enables the passengers to have eye contact with the surrounding area, even when the lift is in motion.

Green Elevator

This elevator is made of eco-friendly raw materials that are harmless when damaged. It requires the least amount of assembly and maintenance resources and consumes less energy when in use compared to the other traditional elevators.


When using Aresforti SQUARE VILLALIFT Home lift, you can count on a smooth moving system with no commotion.



The technological simplicity of this product makes this lift an extremely adaptable elevator and helps you to make full usage of the space and elevation of your property. This lift can be installed without any additional reinforcement or structural changes in the building. That makes the elevator tremendously friendly for new or even vintage homes.


We strived to ensure full flexibility of this lift making sure that a G+1 elevator can be converted into a G+2 or a G+3 elevator in the future. If needed, the whole elevator can be completely dismantled and relocated to a new place in or out of the building or even to a new property.

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The technology of this lift allows stationing the lift on any floor of your desire. Thanks to the installed timed electronic system, you can easily choose where your lift should land when not in use.