Smart Transfer Turboslide


Product Summary:

The Smart Transfer Turboslide is an innovative transfer plate that provides passengers and drivers with a stable and sturdy platform to pause before properly settling into their seat. It is functional, stylish, and effortlessly discreet. Because of its clever design, it is simple to install and use, and it can be suitable for people of all mobility levels.

Why choose the Turboslide?

Transition plates are perfect options for passengers and drivers who cannot accomplish a standing transfer between their wheelchair and car seat – or if diminished mobility makes getting in and out of a car in one movement difficult. Transfer plates, which are hidden while not in use, offer a temporary platform on the outer edge of the seat on which users can rotate and slide into place.
smart transfer chair

Key features of The Smart Transfer, TurboSlide and SmartBase:

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Smoothly transfer users from a wheelchair directly into a car seat

smart transfer tools

The Smart Transfer is also adaptable for rear seat passengers

smart transfer controller

The Smart Transfer is supplied with a simple two button control

smart transfer installation

The Smart Transfer can be fitted to any make or model of car in a matter of hours.