Platform Lift – Vimec Steppy


Product Specifications:

Model name Vimec Steppy
Manufacture Country Italy
Maximum Load 400 KG
Pit 220mm / 325mm / 360mm
Model Steppy 80 / 160 / 200
Travel Up To 800mm / 1600mm / 2000mm
Platform Dimension

1260X900 mm / 1260X900 mm / 1700X1100 mm

Supply Voltage 230 V
Speed 0.06 m/s
Safety Non-slip aluminium finish

Product Catalogue:

Brochure – Vimec Steppy

Product Summary:

A robust and versatile Vimec platform lift, ideal for wheelchair users and others to overcome level differences of up to two metres in height. Suitable for both interior and exterior installations, the product is available with different platform sizes and is ideal for disabled persons and seniors in the home, the office or public premises.

Photo source: Vimec Accessibility Italy