Curved Stairlift – Bespoke Infinity



Product Specifications:

Model name Bespoke The Infinity 
Manufacture Country UK
Type Curve rail
Maximum Weight 160 KG
Control Type Flexible Joystick
Charge Automatic Charge Points x2
Power Backup Yes
Remote Controls 2 per unit
Upholstery Options Yes (Beige Standard)
Seatbelt Lap Belt/Retractable(Option)

Product Catalogues: 

Brochure – Bespoke Stairlifts
Brochure – Infinity Curved Stairlift
Technical Specs – Infinity Curved Stairlift

Product Summary:

All our Infinity Stairlifts are constructed to the highest standards in England using the best materials and techniques available. We are committed to providing safe, reliable Stairlift solutions that accommodate our customers requirements.

  1. Ergonomically Designed Seat. Luxuriously upholstered ensuring a comfortable, smooth ride. Various colour options available.
  2. Manual or Powered Swivel Options. Simple operation with either option safely enabling the user to easily turn the seat on arrival.
  3. Manual Footrest Lever. No awkward bending to lower and raise the footrest.
  4. Easy to Use Ergonomic Joystick. Effortless directional control, even for
    those with limited dexterity.
  5. Electronic key-switch. Complete security from any unwanted users.
  6. Seatbelt. Easy-to-use seatbelt offering the user added safety and comfort.
  7. Sensitive Safety Edges. Enabling the Stairlift to stop safely should something obstruct the Stairlift. Safety is always our priority.
  8. DC Battery Powered. Works even during a power cut. Charges automatically so the chair is always ready to use.
  9. Heavy Duty Option. Comfortably accommodate users up to 160kg (25 stone)
  10. Soft Start. Seamlessly ease into the journey with a perfectly smooth start.
  11. Elegant. Designed to compliment any home and cater for your every need. Excellence as standard, unbeatable with our range of extras to suit any user.
    • A range of upholstery to integrate seamlessly into your home
    • Powered swivel option to simplify access whatever your needs.
    • The confidence of a twin rail system with a variety of start and finish options.
    • Precision engineered rail to offer an exquisite ride quality.
  12. Comfort. Reliability and peace of mind all come as standard with the Infinity Curved. Drawing on over 25 years of knowledge within the Stairlift industry we have created a product that offers supreme comfort and reliability. Both are ergonomic yet robust. The Infinity Stairlift provides an enjoyable ride without compromising safety.
  13. Design & Manufacture Your Infinity Stairlift has been designed using the latest, state-of-the-art 3D CAD modelling software. This means that when you buy an Infinity Stairlift it has been specifically designed to meet all of your personal requirements.