Straight Stairlift – Vimec Ischia

  • For straight stairs, without landing and left/right turn


Product Specifications:


Model name Vimec Ischia
Manufacture Country Italy
Maximum Weight 120 KG
Remote Control Yes
Supply Voltage 240 V
Speed 7 m/min
Service Life 15 rides / 24 hours
Upholstery Color Hemp / Washable fabric

Product Catalogue:

Brochure – Vimec Ischia

Product Summary:

Transform the problem of a flight of stairs that has become difficult to face into a resource that would restore value and maximum utility of your home for the aged. Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family and to the people who, having reached old age, do not want to be deprived of their independence.

The chair for climbing stairs, or stairlift, becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance or a home on their scale and want to feel free in their own home.

For a single flight of stairs, Vimec offers you the Ischia stairlift with a modern seat and attractive design, and comfortable for any elderly person Moving in the home, from one floor to another, free and without worries, thanks to Ischia stairlift.

Ischia is the stairlift suitable for straight staircases (that is to say that the guide on which runs is straight, and is installed in the case of a single flight that divides the floors of the house, without intermediate landings and without parking in corridors).

Vimec Ischia is fully tested: our customers are satisfied and they do appreciate its essential and elegant, as well as the sense of safety addressed to those people having difficulties in climbing stairs. The comfortable and easy to use stairlift

Ischia is the Vimec chair with straight guide which focuses on ease of use and user comfort: thanks to its technology it can be easily adapted to your flight of stairs.