Curved Stairlift – Vimec Dolce Vita

  • For curved stairs, with landing and/or left/right turn
  • Double rail track lift.


Product Specifications:

Model name Vimec Dolce Vita 
Manufacture Country Italy
Maximum Weight 130 KG
Remote Control Yes
Supply Voltage 230 VAC
Speed 0.15 m/s (max.)
Service Life 15 rides / 24 hours
Upholstery Color Ivory / Red / Brown
Foldable Rail Yes

Product Catalogue: 

Brochure – Vimec Dolce Vita

Product Summary: 

Does the thought of going up and down strenuous stairs prevent you from moving freely? Choose the VIMEC DOLCE VITA chair and you can continue to enjoy your hobbies and your loved ones; you can regain your independence and safety with an enormous benefit to the whole family in terms of tranquillity and serenity. Because VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the stairlift chair designed to offer affordability, maximum comfort and no worries, improving the appearance of the home and its liveability.