Curved Stairlift – Vimec Capri

  • For curved stairs, with landing and/or left/right turn.
  • Single rail track lift.


Product Specifications:

Model name Vimec Capri 
Manufacture Country Italy
Maximum Weight 125 KG
Control Type Remote Control
Supply Voltage 230 VAC
Speed 0.15 m/s (max.)
Service Life 15 rides / 24 hours
Upholstery Options Comfort / Plus
Foldable Rail Yes

Product Catalogues: 

Brochure – Vimec Capri Stairlift

Product Summary: 

The stairs are not a problem, but a resource of the home to be enriched and enhanced for the elderly.

Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family and to the people who, having reached old age, do not want to be deprived of their independence.

The chair for climbing stairs, or stairlift, becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance or a home on their scale and want to feel free in their own home.

Vimec offers you the Capri stairlift, ideal for the person’s comfort and the staircase’s harmony Capri is the stairlift suitable for curved staircases (that is to say that the rail on which it runs is curved, to deal with several flights of stairs with a landing in the middle, and also to offer simple parking within a reduced footprint, in the case of a single ramp).

The Vimec Capri is a creation with plenty of character: the comfortable chair, safe and aesthetically beautiful, that meets the needs of those who use it every day.